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산업용 보드 Intel Atom® x7000RE SoC (Amston Lake)

Intel Atom® x7000RE Series SoC based NANO-ITX Board with Triple Display, 2.5GbE LAN, USB 3.2 Gen 2, M.2, SATA III



  • Intel Atom® x7000RE series SoC

  • DDR4 3200 MT/s non-ECC SO-DIMM up to 16GB

  • Triple displays by DP, HDMI and LVDS

  • High-speed I/O via dual 2.5GbE and four USB 3.2 Gen2

  • Multiple expansions with M.2 E Key and M.2 B Key

  • Support real-time performance: Intel® TSN, TCC (selected SKUs)

  • Support onboard TPM 2.0

  • Support a wide -40°C to 85°C industrial temperature range

NANO-6064-ASL adopts the latest Intel Atom® x7000RE series processors (formerly Amston Lake). The processor platform not only supports industrial temperature from -40°C to 85°C, but operates with low-power consumption. NANO-6064-ASL is suitable to build efficient solution for IoT applications in diverse use cases, such as medical, retail, and digital signage.

Intel Atom x7000RE Series processors offer a compelling proposition for industrial, communication, and edge computing applications. Extending the cutting-edge features of the previous generation, these processors bring enhanced performance scalability with up to 8 Gracemont cores at low power consumption, improved CPU and GPU capabilities, and AI inference acceleration with AVX2 and VNNI support. Intel Atom x7000RE Series caters to industrial use cases with extended temperature ranges, predictable performance, real-time capabilities through Intel TCC and TSN, and integrated GPU for AI and media processing. This series offers a robust and versatile platform for driving innovation across diverse industries and sectors, enabling customers to tackle demanding workloads with superior performance, reliability, and efficiency.

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