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산업용 시스템 , 팬리스 시스템 Intel Atom Alderlake N x7000E, i3 N-Series

Embedded Rugged Fan-less System with Intel Atom® X7000E Series SoC based NANO-ITX Board
-150 (W) x 150 (D) x 66 (H) mm



  • Support low power Intel Atom® X7000E and high performance Intel® Core™ i3 N-Series SoC

  • Support 16GB DDR4 3200MT/snon-ECCSO- DIMM

  • Support one DP and one HDMI display

  • Support one M.2 E Key, One M.2 M Key socket

  • SupportoneRS-232/422/485port ( selectable via BIOS)

  • One Antenna hole for WiFi module to usage

  • TPM 2.0

Designed with Intel Atom® x7000E series, Intel® Processors N-Series, and Intel® Core™ i3 N-Series Processors, Portwell's rugged and compact WEBS-21J0 features two 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, two M.2 sockets, dual displays, and one serial port. In addition, its fan-less design ensures silent operation, reliability and low maintenance rate. WEBS-21J0 system is ideal for applications in industrial automation, robotics control, medical equipment, outdoor gateway, digital signage and more.

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