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산업용 보드/모듈 Intel Atom E3800 Series

Type 10 Mini COM Express module based on Intel® Atom™ E3800 series SoC with DDR3L SDRAM, NAND Drive, DDI support, USB3.0



  • Intel® Atom™ E3800 processor series with industrial support

  • On-board DDR3L SDRAM, non-ECC up to 4GB, ECC support (optional)

  • Three PCI Express lanes (optional to four)

  • Support one USB3.0, four USB2.0

  • Support NANDrive storage by SATA channel

The Portwell PCOM-BA00 is a Type 10 Mini COM Express module by 84mm x 55mm designed with Intel Atom® E3800 processor series supporting DDR3L SDRAM, NANDrive, eDP/LVDS/DDI, USB3.0, PCI Express and dual display. With low power consumption, wide-temp support, greater computing performance and cost effectiveness, PCOM-BA00 is an ideal building block for solutions for various applications, such as automation, military, networking and transportation.

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