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산업용 시스템 , 팬리스 시스템Intel 10세대 (Cometlake)

Intel 10th Gen. Core-I and Xeon processors Intelligent Edge server with versatile connectivity, 3 expandable PCIe slots, supporting AI inferencing
-176.6 (H) x 210 (W) x 250 (D) mm



  • Powerful Intel® 10th Generation DT platform & Xeon Processor

  • Heavy industry certification (IEC 61000)

  • Massive expansion slots for storage, graphics, and AI accelerator card

  • Wide range of power inputs (9~36V) and operating temperatures (-20~60°C)

  • Wi-Fi & LTE ready to connect

PE400D is a powerful industrial grade edge server designed for rugged environment. Featuring Intel 10th Gen. Core-I and Xeon processors, PE400D offers massive capacity in versatile interfaces, such as CFAST, dual M.2, mPCIe, triple PCIe, dual SATA SSD. Apart from the intensive processing capability, connectivity and other applications, PE400D also offers multiple industrial I/Os all around. With heavy industry certification IEC 61000-6-2/4 and high standard of reliability test, smooth operation under tough electrical noise environment is guaranteed on PE400D.

The new computer is also engineered with a wide range of power inputs (9~36V), operating temperatures (-20°~60°) to serve as an edge-to-cloud gateway device for data aggregation, processing and forwarding. The TCO-optimized SBC is ideal for embedded automation solutions and diverse smaller-scale IoT applications. Edge computer also secure for 24/7 stability and reliability, combined with our world-class after-sales service and guaranteed long-term availability to make sure your investment for the duration of the product lifecycle is maximized.

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